Al-Kisa Foundation and Kisa Kids have ʿijāzah (permission) to collect khums and zakāt from most marājiʿ. 

Khums given to Al-Kisa Foundation and Kisa Kids is used locally to further Islamic educational resources such as developing children's literature, curriculum, projects, games, shows, and more!*

What has khums funded in the past?

  • The donation of 2,100 Kisa Kids books to 95 public libraries across the US
  • The donation of Kisa Kids books to over 100 Shia organizations (schools and masājid) across the US
  • The development of 8 annual project booklets for the different Islamic occasions, which can be downloaded for free on our website
  • The production of over 45 children’s programs on the Kisa Kids YouTube Channel to help our young Muslims learn about Islam while the masājid are closed
  • The development of 13 new children's books, such as Rahmah the Raindrop, Hamza and Aliya Share the Ramadan Cheer, and more! 
  • The development of curriculum such as Verses of Light and new curriculum for 9th through 12th grade.
  • The opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the Ahl al-Bayt (ʾa) and serve our communities by providing lasting Islamic resources that will benefit generations to come inshāʾAllāh!

What will khums be used toward in the future?

  • Creating more books and digital content for teenagers and young adults
  • Funding future projects, such as more toddler board books, interactive children’s ziyarat books, a five-volume Quran tafsir, Youth Q&A books, Hajj and Ziyarah guides, and more!
  • Developing more interactive and educational games like the recently launched 12 Imāms Memory Matching Game.
  • The ongoing development of Salam Online, our online weekend Islamic school, geared towards those who do not have access to weekend schools
  • The development of more Islamic Studies curriculum
  • The development of more classes and educational resources for children and adults alike!

*Sahm as-sādāt is used to support local families with education and other basic needs. 

Your support allows us to continue serving our communities.

Help fulfill the responsibility of providing the resources necessary to educate our children in the path of our beloved Ahl al-Bayt (ʾa) and nurture our future generations. InshāʾAllāh, we pray that every dollar given toward this cause is rewarded infinitely as ṣadaqah jāriyah. 

For khums donations larger than $500, please mail us a check to avoid high transaction fees. Checks can be mailed to Kisa Kids at 4415 Fortran Ct, San Jose, CA 95134. In the memo, please specify that the check is for khums and include the name of your marjaʿ, If you would prefer to give another way, please email 

Imamia Education Center Inc (doing business as Al-Kisa Foundation & Kisa Kids) is a registered 501c3 non-profit in the United States (EIN # 20-1897073). We are also a registered charity in the UK