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Our work depends upon the support of our community, and each of our published materials have a large cost associated with the printing, shipping and distribution of books. We donate large numbers of our books to public libraries and centers/masjids all over the United States.

As a result, we are seeking donors willing to partake in project based funding.

You have the option to make a general donation to a project or sponsor a book for a larger amount to include the names of your Marhumeen in the inside cover.

Please note that the titles of these books may be subject to change. 

Sponsorship Options:

- For an Islamic Project Book sponsorship of $500 you can include the family name of your Marhumeen and one specific Marhum.

- For a children’s board book sponsorship of $1,000 you can include the family name of your Marhumeen and one specific Marhum.

- For a children’s book sponsorship of $2,500 you can include the family name of your Marhumeen and one specific Marhum.

- For a ziyarah/hajj guide sponsorship of $5,000 you can include the family name of your Marhumeen and one specific Marhum.

Imamia Education Center Inc (doing business as Al-Kisa Foundation & Kisa Kids) is a registered 501c3 non-profit in the United States (EIN # 20-1897073).

We encourage you to get in touch with us at admin@kisakids.org if you’re considering sponsoring a book or project and would like to learn more about the publication! 
Jazakallah and may Allah bless you and your family!

Imamia Education Center Inc (doing business as Al-Kisa Foundation & Kisa Kids) is a registered 501c3 non-profit in the United States (EIN # 20-1897073).

Upcoming Children's Books

Where's the Sheikh?

A fun, interactive and vibrant book for toddlers with beautiful pictures of the shrines and places of ziyārat. Not only do our young readers get to see and become familiar with the ḥarams of the Maʿsūmīn, but they also have to find the Sheikh that is hiding in the busy images. We pray this book creates a love and yearning for visiting the ḥarams of the Maʿsūmīn in our young zawwārs and they connect to these infallible role models along the way. Look, find and learn! 


Little Pigeon's Arbaeen Adventure!

A beautiful story of a little pigeon that somehow stumbles out of his nest and finds himself amongst a very special group of travellers - the zawwār (pilgrims) of Imām Ḥusayn (ʿa) - who are on their journey from Najaf to Karbala. These amazing men, women and children are walking to their destination at the time of Arbaʿīn. The little pigeon is awed by the diversity and multitude of people he comes across, how fiercely they love Imām Ḥusayn (ʿa) and how their akhlāq is a reflection of this love. He returns back to his family a changed little pigeon, taking with him valuable lessons of sharing, sacrifice and the love of Ḥusayn. 


Girls Health Book

Navigating through adolescence is a challenge all girls face, and our Muslim girls are no different. This girl’s health book shows through visual graphics how to care for both the body and the soul. A unique and holistic approach to the topic, all while maintaining the interactive tone of the book. The book is filled with practical information with the goal of not only reading, but applying that knowledge. May our girls benefit from this book and be empowered by it! 


Prophet Sulaymān (ʿa)
and the Ant 

Children are always fascinated by stories, and Prophet Sulaymān's stories are no exception. Prophets are our role models and through their stories we can learn many lessons such as fulfilling our responsibilities, akhlāq, hard work, etc. This story has a fundamental lesson of tawakkul on Allah which will be ingrained in our youngest readers in an engaging and animated way through this visual book. A lesson they will inshāʾAllāh remember through their lives.


Hamza & Aliya
Go Grocery Shopping 

Join Hamza and Aliya on their second adventure as they go grocery shopping with their Baba to look for something that is colorful, healthy and sweet! As they are searching, they find the blessings of Allah surrounding them everywhere, subḥānāllah! They are also conscious of their responsibility to the environment as they make sure to take their reusable bags and come up with a delicious treat to share with their family! 


The Companions of Ahlul Bayt

Blessed are those individuals who have the privilege to call themselves the companions of the Ahl al-Bayt. May we have the opportunity to call ourselves the companions of Imām Mahdī (ʿaj). While we are actively awaiting our Imām, we can learn lessons such as striving for knowledge, tawakkul, hard work, and much much more from those companions in history who had the akhlāq that we should strive towards. This series has more than twenty stories of different companions and each has a lesson that the reader can learn from. The stories are written in a very creative and engaging style and will captivate our readers that are 10-12 years old.


150 Life Lessons 

150 Life Lessons is a compilation of 150 aḥadīth from our beloved 14 Maʿṣūmīn (ʿa) and a brief commentary on lessons we can extract from each ḥadīth. This book features a simple layout and colorful graphics, making it a suitable and valuable resource for both youth and adults!


Baby's First 110 Quranic Words

 Vibrant pictures, simple words and translation of 110 Qur'anic words is a board book making it a perfect addition to your baby and toddler's library. Encourage your child to get familiar with these essential words from the Qur'an and get a head start in their love of reading this Holy Book.


Upcoming Al-Kisa Publications

An Illustrated Guide To Hajj

This publication will be a companion for anyone who goes on Hajj or Umrah, complete with Arabic recitations, English translations, historical facts, maps and more. Join the Hajji on this journey with your donation.


The Clear Guidance - The Quran

To be published in five volumes, this first-of-its-kind, unique interpretation of the Noble Quran will be an easy-to-follow glimpse into the Word of Allah aimed at young adults. It is not only a complete translation of the Quran. Rather, it features a verse by verse commentary built on the foundation of Tafsir-e Nemuneh authored by Ayatullah Nasir Makarim Shirazi, and incorporates the content of multiple contemporary works, including Tafsir Noor of Shaykh Mohsin Qara’ati, Tasneem of Ayatullah Jawadi Amuli, and others.
YOUR generous donations as well as Khums contributions will help bring this multi-volume project to fruition!


Illustrated Ziyarah Guide to Ma`shad/Q`um

In 2017 we created and distributed a well received Illustrated Guide to Iraq Ziyarah, and now we are working on guides to Mash'ad/Qu'm, Syria and Hajj inshallah. We pray that Allah (SWA) accept our ibadat and our efforts as we visit sites important to Islam, the Prophet and the Ahlul-Bayt.  


Upcoming Project Booklets 2021

Al-Karāmah 2021 Project Booklet Project Booklet