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Dedicate a Book to Your Marhumeen! 

Our work depends upon the support of our community, and each of our published materials have a large cost associated with the printing, shipping and distribution of books. We donate large numbers of our books to public libraries and centers/masjids all over the United States.

As a result, we are seeking donors willing to partake in project based funding.

You have the option to make a general donation to a project or sponsor a book for a larger amount to include the names of your Marhumeen in the inside cover.

Please note that the titles of these books may be subject to change. 

Sponsorship Options:

- For an Islamic Project Book sponsorship of $500 you can include the family name of your Marhumeen and one specific Marhum.

- For a children’s board book sponsorship of $1,000 you can include the family name of your Marhumeen and one specific Marhum.

- For a children’s book sponsorship of $2,500 you can include the family name of your Marhumeen and one specific Marhum.

- For a ziyarah/hajj guide sponsorship of $5,000 you can include the family name of your Marhumeen and one specific Marhum.

We encourage you to get in touch with us at admin@kisakids.org if you’re considering sponsoring a book or project and would like to learn more about the publication! 
Jazakallah and may Allah bless you and your family!

Upcoming Children's Books

Animal Puppet Board Books

As little ones learn the sounds their fuzzy, furry friends make, they will also be reminded that these animals pray to Allah (SWT) with all their noises and play! These board books will have small puppets that parents can use to help the child learn. Animal board books include Lion, Elephant, Cow, Horse and more!


Hayaa's Chador

Little Hayaa has gotten her first chador on a trip to ziyarah and she absolutely loves it. She knows how important the chador is to her modesty and wants to share its importance with all those around her.

After the Hayaa’s Chador will be two other books, Hayaa’s Turbah and Hayaa’s Tasbeeh, each explaining the significance of these items in prayer. 


Hamza & Aliya Celebrate Ramadhan

Hamza and Aliya love to bake with their mom! But what happens when their mom takes a nap and doesn’t bake desserts for their neighbors one night? Hamza and Aliya step right up, share a recipe, and bolster the Ramadhan spirit of sharing and caring.
Hamza and Aliya will go on other adventures surrounding nutrition, baking, Islamic holidays and events in the future. Their next adventure will be to the grocery store to pick up delicious foods full of nutrition and found in the Quran!


Where's the Sheikh?

The Pigeon Story

Girls Health Book

The Companions of Ahlul Bayt

Prophet Sulayman (a)

Baby's First 110 Quranic Words

 Vibrant pictures, simple words and translation of 110 Qur'anic words is a board book making it a perfect addition to your baby and toddler's library. Encourage your child to get familiar with these essential words from the Qur'an and get a head start in their love of reading this Holy Book.


150 Life Lessons 

150 Life Lessons is a compilation of 150 aḥadīth from our beloved 14 Maʿṣūmīn (ʿa) and a brief commentary on lessons we can extract from each ḥadīth. This book features a simple layout and colorful graphics, making it a suitable and valuable resource for both youth and adults!


The Life and Times of the Great Ulamas 

This pilot chapter of the Ulama Graphic Novel is based on the life of Ayatullah Marashi. The goal of this graphic novel series is to make the lives and lessons from our learned scholars more accessible to children and adults alike.


Upcoming Al-Kisa Publications

An Illustrated Guide To Hajj

This publication will be a companion for anyone who goes on Hajj or Umrah, complete with Arabic recitations, English translations, historical facts, maps and more. Join the Hajji on this journey with your donation


Illustrated Ziyarah Guide to Ma`shad/Q`um

In 2017 we created and distributed a well received Illustrated Guide to Iraq Ziyarah, and now we are working on guides to Mash'ad/Qu'm, Syria and Hajj inshallah. We pray that Allah (SWA) accept our ibadat and our efforts as we visit sites important to Islam, the Prophet and the Ahlul-Bayt.  


Upcoming Project Booklets 2020


Ayaam Fatimiyya
Project Booklet 2020


Arbaeen Project Booklet


Milad un Nabi Project Booklet 2020


Hajj & Wilayah Season


Upcoming Kisa Games 2020

Kisa Keywords

Kisa Keywords is a fun and exciting way to teach children some of the words in the Qur’an along with their meaning, transliteration and location. It is a positive step towards understanding some of the content of the Qur’an, themes and topics.