Join the mission! Volunteer or Intern with us! 

We are grateful for our volunteers!

Alhamdulillah at Kisa Kids we rely on the talents and dedication of our volunteers. By the grace of Allah we have been able to attract and maintain the talents of over 50 sisters and brothers since our inception in 2016. We encourage you to become a part of our team and volunteer your skills and talents to partake in the thawab and reward of building Islamic educational infrastructure. You can volunteer in-person or remotely!

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Intern with us!

We are a registered 501c non-profit organization, and we welcome students to complete internships for credit.

When you intern with us, you will receive:

A customizable internship experience for college-credit Project completion guidance & support
Constructive feedback on your progress
An Islamic workplace environment
Free resources and books from Al-Kisa Foundations.

We are always looking for volunteers or interns in the following areas:

  • Art & Drawing
  • Animation
  • Book Fairs
  • Craft Ideas
  • Digital Art
  • Educational Lesson Plans
  • Event Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Islamic Knowledge / Stories
  • Networking
  • Online Course
  • Printing - Learn in-house machine
  • Proofreading
  • Research
  • Translating - All languages
  • Web Design
  • Workshops
  • Trainings - Teach Us a Skill!

Farsi Translator

Kisa Kids Publication is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that aims to promote Islamic education in children through the distribution of Islamic Literature, Curriculum, and Project Booklets.
As we work on our various projects, it is crucial for us to find authentic sources of content for our Islamic Literature. Some of this content is in Farsi and needs to be translated before it can be used.

Hence, we are looking for dedicated volunteers to join our team and mission and translate these sources from Farsi to English. The translated work doesn’t need to be in accurate english grammar, as it is to be used as raw data for our publications. However, it is very important for the translated work to be accurate.

If you are interested and able to join our team, please fill out the short form below, and share a sample translation of the following:

رسول خدا (ص) هنگام بيماري ، دو فرزندش حسن و حسين (ع) را نزد خود فرا مي خواند . وقتي آن دو مي آمدند ، آنها را نزديک خود مي نشانيد و آنها را مي بوييد و مي بوسيد و اشک مي ريخت . (3)
عتبه بن غزوان مي گويد : رسول خدا (ص) امام حسن و امام حسين (ع) را در دامان خود قرار داده بود و يک بار حسين (ع) و يک بار حسن (ع) را مي بوسيد . افرادي که آنجا بودند ، گفتند : «اي رسو ل خدا ! آيا آنها را دوست داري ؟» فرمود : «چرا دوست نداشته باشم ، آنها دو ريحانه ي من در دنيا هستند . » (4)
روزي رسول خدا (ص) نشسته بود . حسن و حسين (ع) به نزد ايشان مي آمدند. وقتي رسول خدا (ص) تا آنها را ديد ، بلند شد و ايستاد ؛ اما آنها آهسته راه مي آمدند و دير رسيدند : رسول خدا (ص) به استقبال آنها رفت و آنها را بر شانه ي خود سوار کرد و فرمود : «خوب اسبي است اسب شما ، و شما هم خوب سواراني هستيد ؛ ولي پدر شما بهتر از شماست». (5)