Writing Competition

Salamun alaykum! 

On behalf of Moulana Abidi and Hajj Hassanain Rajabali, congratulations on the wilādāh of Sayyidah Fāṭimah al-Maʿṣūmah, beloved sister of Imām ʿAlī ar-Riḍā (a)!

Let your imagination run wild as you write a short Islamic fictional story. Remember to have a strong reference to an ayah from the Qur’an or teachings from the Ahlulbayt (a). 

The theme of this book should be based on Akhlaq (Islamic Morals and Etiquette) - for example the topic of the book could be: the moral value of being eco-friendly in Islam.

As you write your story, think about the illustrations that would coincide with your words to bring your book to life! Have ideas ready because if your story is picked, you will be paired with a graphic artist for your first ever book publication!  

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  • Have a creative, relatable character to star in your fiction short story 
  • Must be a fiction story but include a strong reference to Quran, Hadith 
  • Theme - any theme of your choice but connected to Akhlaq 
  • 5 key words which must be in your story are:
    • responsibility | akhlaq (meaning morals/ettiquette) | thankful | israf (meaning waste) | mercy
  • You can aim your book to any age group you wish (but please tell us what that is in your email!)
  • Remember to be respectful and keep your story within the values of Islam, so refrain from using musical references, bad language, etc.
  • Your story should reflect the Islamic culture and pride of being a Muslim
  • Ultimate goal in our lives is to achieve nearness to Allah and to love our Ahlulbayt (a)
  • Write within the range of the number of words below:
    • Middle School Students: 500-800 words
    • High School Students: 800-1000 words

 Scoring Rubric:

Creativity - 20%

Islamic reference - 20% 

Quality of content of story in relation to topic - 20%

Use of Key words - 20% 

Grammar / quality of writing - 10%

Number of words of story - 10%  


In addition to having your book published, check out these prizes below for each of the middle and high school categories!

 1st Prize - $500

 2nd Prize - $300

 3rd Prize - $100

 Prize for Participation (for ALL students who submit their completed stories by the deadline)

 How to submit?

Ready to submit your short story? Awesome! Fill out the form below:

 Google Form: Creative Writing Contest 2019  


Remember your short story must be sent in by August 12th 2019 (Eid al-Adha). Winners will be announced on August 26th (Eid al-Mubaahalah) 

We can’t wait to read your story!