Bag of Faith

Bag of Faith

Bag of Faith

Objective: Students will learn about the strength of Imam Husain (A) and how his sacrifice helped us understand the tool necessary to push through the evils of those who surround us.

Time: 45 minutes

Suggested Ages: 5+



  1. Discuss the tools that Imam Husain (A) used to triumph over the oppressors of that time, and have students brainstorm words/ideas/ahadith that strengthen the bond between Imam Husain’s (A) sacrifice and our faith today.
  2. Hand each student a blank canvas bag. Allow students to decorate their bag with words that describe the tools of Imam Husain (A) and his followers to fight against evil. (E.g., Tawakkul, Patience, Faith, Taqwa, etc.)
  3. Provide the students tape to be able to write the words down (on the areas that tape is added tye dye is NOT added).
  4. Provide the volunteers with the red and black tye dye spray. They must help each student with the spray, to avoid causing any spills or unnecessary messes.
  5. After students sprayed the bag sprayed, allow it to dry flat or use a hair dryer. Spray dye dries in about 20 minutes (if a dryer can be used). Students may take the bags home the same day or the following day.



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