Followers of Imam Mahdi (AJ)

Followers of Imam Mahdi (AJ)

Followers of Imam Mahdi (AJ)

Objective: Students will learn about the faith and diligence of a follower of the Imam (AJ) of our time.

Suggested Ages: 5+

Time: 40 Minutes


  • Heart template (printed on matte cardstock)
  • Oyster shell template (printed on matte cardstock)
  • Tinfoil
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Crayons/colored pencils
  • Markers


  1. SAY: Salaamun alaykum! Welcome to another special program! Does anyone know the very special event that we are celebrating today?  (Wait for responses)
  2. SAY: Yes, very good! We are here to celebrate the birth of Imam Mahdi (AJ), the Imam of our time. Who can tell me where our Imam (AJ) is? (Wait for responses)
  3. SAY: Yes, our beloved Imam (AJ) has been hidden by Allah until the time is right for his return. We call this our Imam’s (A) occultation. Does anyone know what occultation means? (Wait for answers)
  4. SAY: Occultation is when one object is hidden by another object. In this case, our Imam (AJ) is being hidden from the world like a precious pearl. Does anyone know where pearls are found? (Wait for answers)
  5. SAY: Great guesses! Pearls are found inside the hard shells of oysters. They are kept safe in a protective shell where they grow beautiful and strong. Our Imam (AJ) is also very strong, but he will need help when he returns. Who wants to be his helpers? (Wait for responses)
  6. SAY: MashaAllah, it looks like you all want to help our Imam (AJ)! What do you think you need to do to be able to help our Imam (AJ)?
  7. SAY: When the Imam (AJ) returns, things will be very difficult. Our Imams have told us that those who stand with the Imam (AJ) will have to have hearts that are stronger than iron. This means you will have to have strong faith and belief in your hearts. And, just like a precious pearl, you have to protect that strength of your heart and guard your love for our beloved Imam (AJ). Insha’Allah, we will do a project that will help us better understand this!
  8. At this time, hand a copy of the heart template to each child. Have the children cut out the outside of the hearts and then the center of the heart so they have a heart-shaped ring.
  9. Assist the children in wrapping their heart rings in tin foil so that they are iron hearts.
  10. Next, hand out the oyster templates. Have the children color the outside like the shell of an oyster and the inside a soft pink. Then, they should fold the oyster over.
  11. Have the children tape their iron hearts inside the bed of their oysters the way you would find a pearl inside a real oyster.
  12. Children should write on the top inside bed of the oyster: O Allah, protect my faith and my Imam (AJ)

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