Haqq & Baatil Simulation

Haqq & Baatil Simulation

Haqq & Baatil Simulation

Objective: Students will learn the importance of practicing haq and abstaining from baatil. They will also learn why Imam Husain (A) had to rise up.

Suggested Ages: 8+

Time: 20 minutes


  • Plastic table cover
  • 1 bag sugar
  • 1 bag sand
  • Small plastic bowls
  • Plastic spoons
  • Mini 3 oz. cups
  • Water


  1. Place plastic on tables.
  2. Set up a station for each child. Each station should have:
    1. 1 small bowl
    2. 1 mini cup with sand
    3. 1 mini cup with sugar
    4. 1 plastic teaspoon
  3. Pour water into the mini cups (1 per student) and keep ready on the side.
  4. Have students sit at their station. Ask them not to touch any of the materials in front of them. Ask students if they know why Imam Husain (A) rose up to fight against Yazid. Some students will give answers.
  5. Tell them that all their answers are partially correct. One of the main reasons Imam Husain (A) had to rise up was because during that time, there was so much baatil (falsehood) and it was being mixed with haqq (the truth). Thanks to Yazid, haqq and baatil were so deeply mixed that people couldn’t tell what was right or wrong.
  6. At this point, ask students to pour the sugar and sand into the bowl and mix it together with the spoon.
  7. Once they’ve thoroughly mixed them together, ask them to separate the two. Obviously, they won’t be able to.
  8. Tell them that the sand represents haqq, and the sugar represents baatil. The sugar is baatil because just like sugar is sweet, at that time, the baatil that Yazid was spreading seemed so sweet and tempting. Just like it is impossible for them to separate the sugar and sand, during that time, it was impossible for Muslims to separate the truth and falsehood.
  9. Now, hand each child a small cup of water. Tell them that the water represents Imam Husain (A) because water is pure, just like the Imam. Have them pour the water into their bowls and stir for 1 minute.
  10. Ask them what happened. (The sugar should disappear).
  11. Tell them that this is the role Imam Husain (A) played in Karbala. By sacrificing his life, along with his companions, he was able to wash away the baatil so that people were clearly able to see the truth. This is one of the main reasons Imam Husain (A) had to stand up and rise against Yazid. Through his sacrifice, baatil vanished, and only haqq remained. And because of this, we know what the truth is today and are able to follow it.


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