Imam Mahdi (AJ) in Ghaybah

Imam Mahdi (AJ) in Ghaybah

Imam Mahdi (AJ) in Ghaybah

Objective: Students will write Imam Mahdi (AJ) using a white crayon and then paint over it with watercolors. Thus, students will understand that even though we can’t see the Imam (AJ), he is still there.

Suggested Ages: 5+

Time: 15 Minutes


  • White paper
  • White crayons
  • Watercolor paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Cups of water


  1. SAY: Does anyone know whose birthday we are celebrating today? (Wait for answers.)
  2. SAY: Yes, we are celebrating the birthday of our beloved 12th Imam, Imam Mahdi (AJ)! Can we see Imam Mahdi (AJ)? (Students should say no.).
  3. SAY: No, we cannot, but this doesn’t mean that the Imam (AJ) isn’t there! You see, the Imam is currently in ghaybah, which means that although he is amongst us, we cannot see him. He is waiting for us to become better Muslims so that we can serve as his soldiers and help him spread peace in the world. But for us to become his soldiers, this means we have to be good Muslims. What are some actions that a good Muslims does? (Wait for answers.)
  4. SAY: Good, we should listen to our parents, be nice to our siblings, pray Salaah, clean up the Masjid, and do other actions that Allah has asked us to do. InshaAllah, then, the Imam (AJ) will come back soon! But even though we can’t see the Imam (AJ), we know that he is still among us and sees all our actions. How can this be? Let’s do an experiment and find out!
  5. At this time, pass out one blank paper, one white crayon, and one paint brush to each child. They can share the watercolor pallets and water cups.
  6. SAY: Using your white crayons, on your paper, write “Imam Mahdi (AJ).” (Assist younger children who need help with spelling or write it on the board for them to copy.)
  7. Once all students have written it, ASK: “Can you see Imam Mahdi (AJ)?” (They will say no.)
  8. Then, have them paint over their writing using the watercolors. They should then see the writing.
  9. SAY: You see, earlier, you couldn’t see Imam Mahdi (AJ) written, because it was invisible. But when you put the watercolors, you saw that it was there all along! Just like that, we can’t see the Imam (AJ) because he is in ghaybah, but if we call out to him and ask for help, he will always be there InshaAllah.

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