The Boat Of Rescue

The Boat Of Rescue

The Boat of Rescue

Objective: Students will learn about one of titles of Imam Husain (A), Safinatun Najah (The Ark of Salvation), as well as what it really means.

Suggested Ages: 5+

Time: 40 Minutes


  • 11″x11″ White Paper
  • Markers
  • Glitter glue (optional)


  1. Narrate the following hadith to the students or write it on the board: “Verily, Husain (A) is the lantern of guidance and the ark of salvation (simplified: boat of rescue).” -Prophet Muhammad (S) (Bihar ul-Anwaar, Vol. 36, P. 204)
  2. Ask them what they thinkg it means when the Prophet (S) says that Imam Husain (A) is the boat of rescue? Consider the following talking points:
    1. The purpose of a boat is to transport you to a destination. The boat of Imam Husain (a) transports us to our desired destination: Jannah (Heaven).
    2. A boat saves you from rocky waters; similarly, the boat of Imam Husain (A) keeps you afloat in the dunya.
    3. How can we make sure that we are a passenger on this boat? What are some actions we can do? (E.g., praying, loving the Ahlul Bayt, being kind, respecting our parents, etc.)
  3. Teach them how to make these origami boats. Instructions can be found on
  4. Students can decorate their boast by writing the hadith onto it and/or writing Ya Husain using markers or glitter glue.

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