Truth Bracelets

Truth Bracelets

Truth Bracelets

Objective: Students will discuss the message of truth in Imam Hussain’s sacrifice.

Suggested Ages: 5+

Time: 45 minutes



  1. Narrate the following account from Karbala:
    Imam Husain (A) said to his companions: “Don’t you see that Truth has been replaced by falsehood? We must be prepared to sacrifice everything that is precious in support of Truth!”

Hadhrat Ali Akbar asked his father Imam Husain (A), “Are we not supporting the Truth?”

When Imam Hussain (A) replied in the affirmative, Hadhrat Ali Akbar said, “Then, it makes no difference if death comes to us or if we approach death.”

  1. Allow students to discuss what Imam Hussain (A) said to his son. Consider the following talking points:
    1. Why is the truth so important?
    2. From this story, what have we learned about why Imam Husain (A) and his companions stood up against Yazid?
    3. What should we do when telling the truth is difficult?
  2. Provide students with a truth bracelet kit. Have volunteers support the younger children with putting the bracelet together if needed.
  3. Lastly, have the students put on bracelets and discuss what the bracelet will now represent to them.



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