40 Hadīth for Children


40 Hadīth for Children consists of ahadīth from the Prophet and our Ahlul Bayt (a) in many different areas such as hygiene, nutrition, friendship, akhlāq, and spirituality to demonstrate to our children that the Ahlul Bayt (a) are not just our guides in spirituality, rather they are our guides in all aspects of life.

Each spread has:
– The hadīth in Arabic and English
– Full color image
– Talking points & discussion pointsf
– A coloring/activity page

Learning ahadīth from the Ahlul Bayt that provide guidance on everyday matters, such as brushing one’s teeth, will encourage children to engage in such actions while fostering a practical connection to them. By studying these sayings, children will also increase their ma’rifah – a deep understanding of these role models and the teachings of Islam. As they grow into young adults, inshāAllah this well developed relationship and connection will serve as a guide for them in their everyday and long-term decisions.

Shipping of project/activity booklets available only in USA.

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  1. R.Ali.Mirza

    Excellent work!Congrats!
    I wanted such a book, but did not know where could i get it.
    Thanks all for compiling this book.
    Its really a great work and inshallah will help our young generation to memorise ahadith and also apply it in their daily lives.
    May Allah reward yu amd Imam E Zaman atfs accept.Ameen.

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