Names — we all have one, and many of us even share ours with our beloved role models, the 14 Ma’soomeen. But have you ever wondered what your name means? What about the names of the 14 Ma’soomeen? Blessed Names is a series of 14 books that reveals the secrets behind the heavenly names of the 14 Ma’soomeen. Through 14 descriptive stories, you can learn what each of their names and titles mean and why they became famous by these titles!



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  1. Narjis A-M
    Narjis A-M - at - - Reply

    When will this be back in stock. I would really like to purchase.

  2. Tanveer Bhimani
    Tanveer Bhimani - at - - Reply

    Salaams. I would like to purchase the blessed names series of books- I am in Toronto, Canada- please advise how I can do so

    1. fatima
      fatima - at - - Reply

      Alaykum Salam!

      Please email us at, and we can connect you with our Canadian representative!

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