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In this exciting series, children will learn about Allah, our Creator, how He loves us, how we can speak with Him, and so much more! Through ten playful stories with fascinating illustrations, inshaAllah even your youngest readers will form a deep, lasting connection with their beloved Creator!



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  1. Sakeena
    Sakeena - at - - Reply

    A great series for introducing very young children to Allah swt and His characteristics. It really helps to guide their God-concept by focusing on the questions a little mind would have, like where is Allah swt and does He die and what does He look like? This series will reinforce the love budding out of small children as they discover their Creator. While some of the story telling is not as fluid, they are still top quality books that I love reading to my little tikes.

  2. Nusheen
    Nusheen - at - - Reply

    When will this be back in stock? I would love to purchase!

    1. fatima
      fatima - at - - Reply

      Salam Alaykum! InshaAllah we should be stocked within the next couple months! Sign up for our newsletter, and you should get an update when it is back in stock, inshaAllah!

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