We’ve all heard about Imam Ali’s (A) bravery and wisdom as an adult, but have you ever wondered what he was like as a child? The Heavenly Children is a series of 14 books that relates heartwarming stories of each of the 14 Ma’soomeen as children. Each story is based on authentic ahadith and is narrated with beautiful illustrations that will captivate and transport you back to the time of our Ma’soomeen! Help your child connect and forge a relationship with the greatest role models as they laugh, cry, and marvel at the childhood of our beloved Ma’soomeen.



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  1. Lyana Snow
    Lyana Snow - at - - Reply

    as-Salaamun Alaikum.

    Could we possibly get a preview of the content of these books? A page or two showing some pictures & writing?

    Thank you for this great work.

  2. Sakeena
    Sakeena - at - - Reply

    This series is a wonderful resource for introducing little ones to their fourteen infallibles. Mashallah. I really wish something like this had been around when I was a child to attach me to these amazing personas. My 3-year old loves them. The books are told through the backdrop of a father and mother preparing their son for ziyarat of the Ma’sumeen. This is a little confusing for my son, but that is due to his age. I usually skip the backdrop story to the actual story about the Ma’sum. Works for us. And the best thing is that they are based on specific ahadtih, rather than just telling a vague story about the Imam or Syeda Fatima or Rasooullah (s.a.w.s) Something I would encourage every household to invest in. I learned a lot myself!

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