Kisa Kids Writing Competition

Submissions for the contest is closed. Winners will be announced on August 26th (Eid al-Mubaahalah) 

1st Prize – $500

2nd Prize – $300

3rd Prize – $100

Prize for Participation


Muharram Collective Kit 1441|2019

Project kits include:

11 project lesson plans

All supplies needed for projects

11 child-friendly speechses written by scholars

Library Campaign

Your request and $4 gets one book into one library across the world! Our goal: to donate 66,000 books to 1,000 libraries!

Hakima Hadi Board Books

Join Hakima and Hadi as they learn about Islam, Allah, going to mosque, praying, and more! There are 9 books in the set. These books are suitable for young ones ages 2-5 and feature repetition to help children remember the takeaway message of the story!

Kisa Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which aims to promote Islamic education in children through the distribution of Islamic literature, curriculum and projects:

.”Surely the heart of a child is like uncultivated ground: whatever is planted in it is accepted by it.” ~Imam Ali (A)




Muharrum Project Kits 1441|2019


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