“Surely the heart of a child is like uncultivated ground: whatever is planted in it is accepted by it.” ~Imam Ali (A)

Kisa Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which aims to promote Islamic education in children through the distribution of Islamic literature, curriculum and projects:

Tales of the Last Messenger

A collection of short stories from the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s), “Tales of the Last Messenger.”

Over 65 Stories from Tales of the Last Messenger are categorized into the following chapters:

Kindness is Part of Faith
Remembering Allah & His Lessons
Developing Good Character
Treating Others Fairly & Justly
Respecting the Rights of Children


 Illustrated Ziyarah Guide to Iraq

The Illustrated Ziyarah Guide to Iraq seeks to fulfill this need by trying to provide every za’ir with a copy in hand to maximize their ziyarah experience. The guide features:

  • 400+ full-color pages

  • Descriptive images and maps

  • Historical information and facts

  • Biographies of holy personalities

  • Step-by-step ziyarat etiquette

  • Line-by-line ziyarat/du’as with simple, accurate English translations




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COMING SOON – The Name Chronicles Series

 The Name Chronicles is a series of graphic novels we’re working on for middle school and high school ages to help children understand the secrets behind the heavenly names of the 14 Ma’soomeen, and why they were given them. Check out a preview of the series by downloading The Name Chronicles – Imam As-Sajjad (A)

Click here for a free download of The Name Chronicles – Imam As-Sajjad (A)

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